We Look at Your Neurologic and Muscular Systems

With Postural Restoration®, we can identify and treat problems that other methods can’t.  We are able to identify the source of your dysfunction, and create an individual plan to appropriately treat your specific needs.

Your Position Dictates Performance

We improve the efficiency of your performance, regardless if you want to walk and get the mail, or set records in the 40 yard dash.  We identify patterned movement behavior, and provide neuromuscular reprogramming based on your individual patterns.  Without identifying and managing an individual’s unique preferred patterned movement behavior, strengthening is futile and can result in more pain and dysfunction.  As a result, we don’t strengthen anyone who is stuck in a dysfunctional movmement pattern, as that will cause everyone to become neuromechanically weaker.  

Improve Your CorePerformance

Only by adjusting and improving the synergy between your diaphragm and oblique muscles is your core improved.  We go through an advanced core program based around your ability to exhale with proper oblique recruitment, and inhale with your diaphragm.   If that relationship is not intact, “core stability” is very difficult to achieve.

 What is symmetry? Are you asymmetrical?

The human body is asymmetrical.  As a result, we do not view, nor treat, the left and right sides of you body in the same manner.  Not only do we treat, but we educate you to recognize postural issues in your body allowing you to self-correct and live a pain free life.